Delbene: "freedom for
 to be different! "

di Daniele Delbene

(02-03-2019) MARCH 8th: no longer the day for the claim of women's rights, but the celebration for the recognition of their natural and precious peculiarities!

In a society that would like to flatten all men, to deprive them of any cultural, ideal, thought or sex distinctions, the awareness of the differences impressed by nature becomes, for all men and in particular for women, the most profound and indispensable element of emancipation.

The woman, especially in some areas of the world, has yet to see her dignity fully recognized. This is not what is often mistakenly identified as the search for a mere "equality" with the male sex, but is the possibility to be "freely" a woman.

One of the greatest injustice and humiliation women can suffer is to be considered as a "species" to be protected. Women do not need to be "mortified" by the “pink quotas”- they simply need to see their freedom to be women recognized. And when a woman has her dignity recognized, she very often exceeds men!

The "great women" are not only the famous ones, but also those who face the challenges, the joys and the gratifications of life with tenacity every day and those that are realized without the need for separate quotas!

It is right that a woman can freely choose her own life, it is equally right to allow women who wish to undertake jobs and tasks that traditionally, either because of the need for physical strength, or due to natural predisposition, are associated with men. But it is wrong to consider it normal! Instead, it is a further demonstration of how tenacious women, either for pleasure or necessity, are able, more than men, to emancipate themselves.

                                                                                                                   Daniele Delbene