April 25th: against menís slavery!

,di Daniele Delbene



APRIL 25th: no longer just the day of freedom from the fascism, but the day for the conquest of the true freedom!

We live in a society that is silently depriving men of their true freedom.

Some argue that this is a global plot, but much more simply it is a matter of different interests that sometimes converge on common goals.

On one point most of those who hold massive interests find a common denominator: to make men unable to think, to create and to actively participate in the evolution of the world, so as not to have obstacles to the realization and maintenance of their most diverse interests.

In the course of the history, many instruments have been used for this purpose, ranging from religions to dictatorships. At present, such instruments have changed and have become more silent and less identifiable.

In order to achieve their own purposes, a "relatively small number of people" would like men to lose more and more their humanity so as to be used indirectly as "robots".

They would like:

- men without any cultural, ideal, thought or sex distinctions - thus eliminating their ability to create ideas, opinions and different visions of the world

- men always at work or concentrated on the lack of a job, and overwhelmed by the most disparate tasks stealing the time to live the pleasures of life, to participate actively in the social life, to achieve one's dreams

- increasingly poorer, with just the resources needed to meet the minimum needs, but insufficient to guarantee them full freedom

Some would say: "let's take everything, but to do it, let's give them poverty, fears, anxieties and some soccer matches for free!"

April 25th is therefore the day for the realization of true freedom:

- fair redistribution of wealth;

- not only civil rights, but also socio-economic emancipation indispensable for all men to get respect;

- more spare time to enjoy the pleasures of life and allow all those who wish to participate in the political and social life of the community.

To contribute in this direction, we need to know how to look beyond the borders of individual countries, with big and far-reaching projects.

New ways of redistribution of wealth, new and better expectations of peoples' lives, a guarantee of peace and widespread freedom can find solid and effective answers only with new "tools" that allow the conquest of increasingly global "rules":

- European political unit (and not European financial-bureaucratic union) expression of democratic participation and representation, to be pursued in the short term;

- United States of the world, to be accomplished in a much more complex and long-term vision, but which must already be part of the imagination and construction of our near future.


                                                                                                  Daniele Delbene


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